Will someone at toyfair2015 check out booth 5245 for YYF and maybe talk about some of the new throws they are showing off?

Someone snag me some kendama stuff.

YoyoExpert is at Toy Fair too. YoyoFactory Instagram photo of their booth. Looking good!

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Do you know what that silver one is?

my guess is that its the new cyborg remake, but dont quote me on it :-\

OMG, that silver one looks hot.

Isn’t toyfair a vendor/retail seller affair not usually attended by the general public.

I think that is cypher

The NY Toyfair is not open to the public.

True… but think of it this way; if you are on solid friendly terms with somebody in the Industry; you are no longer, ‘A member of the General public’. lol

Your name just has to make it on ‘A/The/list’ of registered attendees. < You are assigned an Official Badge/ID… and you are ‘there’.

Years ago, I used to attend the Western Toy Fair in Pomona, California(yearly). I would enter as a Buyer for GoldenApple Comics.(Bill also sold: yoyos, action figures, various other skill toys, and misc. toys, etc.)

No problems. I would go in and Visit Steve Brown, Mark Mcbride, Brad Countryman, Dale Olliver, Dave Shulte, Don Harrison, John Stangle, Dick Stohr and whoever else was there repping various brands.

Only limit was that I couldn’t really buy anything. Which was seriously tough when you are in a Building full of Cool Toys, lol

You just have to ‘have a way in’. The main difficulty for most of us would be ‘getting to New York’ to ‘be’ at the Event in the first place, lol.

I have never even been to New York. But if I ever make it out there, I would have zero doubt about the ability to attend.

Sometimes its not what you know as much as ‘who’ you know. < And there are a number of guys on this board that ‘know somebody’. So I am not just saying I have some secret formula. This isn’t some personal magic. You just have to: Be in New York…Know somebody Attending…talk a good game… and there you are(inside the building).



I’m pretty sure I saw Pat and Gentry with that silver one at LVO.

Pretty sure the silver one is a cyborg