Worlds vendors?


Ive been inactive on the online community for a while and was wondering what vendors will be at worlds? In 2011 I was very underwhelmed by the vendors.


You have to be a fairly decent sized sponsor to have a booth… so you’ll typically get all the major companies, plus a general retailer.

I don’t get how you could be underwhelmed… it’s rare that you can’t find any yoyo you want there.



No YYE or YYF this year.
I would expect:
Duncan, yoyobestbuy, yoyojam, yoyocommunity, werrd and c3. Give or take. :slight_smile:


Cool! I was dissapointed because there was just werrd (Which is awesome, duncan, yyj, and yoyoguy. Yoyoguy was like yye as in tons of stuff, well I thought. They actually didnt have much though, would definitely rather have yye


If only the baby could have waited until after Worlds…


Lol :smiley:

And I just got update from Paul Yath, Crucial will also be vendoring at worlds!

And don’t worry about yye, dj Tony is known to set up an awesome yyc pad at worlds! :slight_smile:


There are other people that work for YYE other than just Andre, last year he wasn’t manning the booth much that I saw. Don’t get me wrong, I saw him constantly! And always near the booth, just not usually selling stuff at the booth. Has it been confirmed that YYE will not have a booth this year?

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The Werrd booth is going to be great.

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Seems odd to me that YYE wouldn’t have a booth. YYF is understandable but YYE just seems like they would have one. I would like to know for sure if both of them aren’t going.

Oh well. Usually all the major companies and stores have booths. Smaller companies usually can’t afford/choose not to have booths.


The way it has always worked in the past.

If you are a manufacturer and sponsor at a certain level, you get a booth.

In addition to that, there is a single retail outlet represented. Up until last year, that was yoyoguy every year because the owner of that store runs the contest. Last year YYE took their place when he decided he didn’t want the hassle anymore.

This year it won’t be YYE, it will be another online retailer.

Expect to see booths from werrd, duncan, yyj, and several smaller independents. YYF doesn’t sponsor much of anything these days and haven’t had a booth at worlds for a few years now.



YYBB will have one. They’ll probably be the “main” booth. I prefer YYE though. :wink:


they will be the ‘retailer’ booth, so yea the ‘main’ one I guess if that’s how you want to look at it.


They pay for a booth and its not cheap . I am sure they have to sell a lot of Yo’s even up .


PLEASE tell me there will be CLYW or onedrop there.

I want NEED a Summit BAD.


The retailer who is there will probably have them (I believe It’s YYBB)




I know for sure there will be more than one retailer there. (yybb & yyc)


Not sure if this has been answered yet. Yes, it has been confirmed.
Here is an exact quote from the “Proud to Introduce Our Newest ‘YoYoExpert’” thread.


I didn’t know YYF didn’t sponsor much anymore. What is the reason for this? Not much ROI?

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I’m sure they sponsor plenty, just not worlds. I think it has something to do with Duncan.

I sure miss the b-grade boxes D: