Toxic strings


I just got some of this and wailits really whippy(just started to land 1.5 hooks on it) does it make anyone else’s yoyos responsive caus for some reason it makes mine become responsive


string shouldn’t make your yoyo responsive. Try your normal bulk out, and if it goes back to unresponsive, then I’m not sure what the heck is goin on, but if It’s still responsive, go clean your bearing.


I got some snakes. They were a bit rough on the hands from the start…
felt this really weird buzz when I popped em on to bind. a bit snaggy for me. I didn’t like mine and it didn’t do me well for slacks…I might sell the other 9 strings. I popped in a yysl and boy, did that do better.


As in tug responsive or just a bit more responsive than usual? Toxic strings are a bit thicker than your usual bulk poly strings so that might be why.



Yeah it’s weird caus I put both normal poly and yysl in and it was fine :-\


Thats sad they are more expensive and yet they don’t play as nice.


What kind of yoyo are you using these on? Like someone else said these strings are a little fatter than normal, so if you are playing with a throw with a narrow gap, its possible that it could be grabbing the response more than a thinner string.


Ive used it in my chief and my dm2 and it’s happened to both of them


hmm, thats odd, because I’ve been using toxic snakes in my Trigger and Wrath and they both have been playing awesome. No responsiveness whatsoever, just smooth unresponsive, comfortable play.



I throw Dragon strings and I swear by them. They’re pretty much the only string I use anymore, they are a tiny bit thicker than average string but not enough to affect play. I use them in my canvas and that has a super narrow gap and I have not had any issues. Plus the play time on them is like 10 times longer than normal string

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The Snakes are a little thicker, so that may be it, but I have tried them and they were fine for me.


Toxic Strings are the best. I love playing them, never had any complaints or issues. One Drop/Toxic is a great combo. :smiley:


are they Snakes, B.G’s or Dragons? I have all 3 and the B.G’s are quite thick (thicker than kitty fats) followed by the Snakes still thicker than average poly thickness then the Dragons at aroung regular poly thickness. I know on some of my throws with smaller gaps the thickness of the Snakes and especially the B.G’s did lower sleep times a little and cause them to be much more grabby so it could be that especially if you havent worn in your response pads.

That being said i love all 3 and in smaller gap throws i just use the dragons.


I have the BG’s so I think i’ll pick up some dragons and see how they work

Thanks for all your help everybody


Toxics are great. Regular toxics are my second favorite string, after Type X. Nice and whippy with good suicides. I only use Type X more because it is softer and holds tension better.


I bought some Snakes. I found them quite thick. They work great in my Protostar. They are too thick for most of my metals though. They are almost yarn-like.

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The thick Metz are thicker than the snakes but are really soft


My skinny metz jusst came in and i love them, probably around a regular string size. Definitely not skinny like my kitty string slim.


After re-reading this - I thought I should clarify this a bit. The snakes work great in my Protostar because it is unresponsive to a fault. With my OD basics it is almost impossible to get a consistent bind on this broken-in Protostar. It works perfectly now with the snakes :slight_smile:

Most of my metals, however, are not generally broken in on the response. That is why the snakes do not work so well for me. They are thicker than I am used to - especially on new throws and fat pads.