toxic strings colored dragon string?

Ok so im making allllooot of new topics recently but some stuff has come to mind and i mind as well discus it. The code-2 kitteh project came with 2 toxic strings, one of which was the dragon string but died cool colores. You guys hear any word of them releasing colored dragon string? I’d snatch some up immediately if they did!

Wow colored dragon strings? I have asked about those a while ago … If anyone has more info. Please share :slight_smile:

When i talked to Evan (Toxic strings) a while back at Eugene yoyo club about making colored Dragon strings, He said it didn’t work out.
He said that whenever he tried making a batch of them with some colored strands in them they just don’t play the same. There was actually someone there at yoyo club who had one of those tester strings. I tried it, and i would have to agree that they just aren’t quite the same. They don’t whip quite as good, and don’t hold tension as well. I think he probably will release a string similar to them that are colored, but named something different, and play a little different.
Apparently, Dragon strings work only in white.

Damn Mark Montogmery was on to something… He said that he only used white string because dye messes with the performance… i thought he was nuts but ive been proved wrong

Wow, I would have never thought that the dye can mess up performance. But I guess it makes sense. Everyone always says the dragons last longer.

Well I read something by Mark Montgomery indicating that the dying process effects the quality of the string so thats why they are white.