toxic string sample?

i recently ordered two 10 packs of toxic strings to test them out and i also recieved a sample string. out of the three i liked the sample string the best and now i want to order some of them. does anyone know what string this is from them so i can order a bunch lol. its a neon yellow string and its stiffer then the others. please help

Well, I think it might be the MarkMont Dragon String because it’s the only other string in the shop, and it’s also stiff, but i thought they only shipped in white…

Yeah they only have white everywhere I looked that’s what made me think it wasn’t that string. All I know is that it’s a nice string and I want more lol

Lol, wonder what it is, you could probably ask them if they have an email or something.

It’s the Brett Grimes signature string. They’re called Yellow Jackets and are sold on Toxic’s website.

awesome thanks. they are stiff and pretty smooth. i like them but not so much after they broke in a little. i think im going to buy a 10 pack and give them a better test run.

Yeah those are the BG-1s, or yellow jackets. I like them alot, though they are a tad bit too thick for my taste. I prefer the Markmont Dragon’s as my regular string, but i enjoy the BG’s on certain throws. Evan makes a darn good string.