String reviews - Toxic, Twisted, Kitty

Toxic String BG1 Yellow Jackets–they’re hands-down the best string I’ve ever tried, out of many brands. From the moment I tried it, I knew it was the best string I’d ever had. It’s just wonderful. Feels good, slacks/suicides/whips wonderfully, and is very visible. Can’t think of a single thing wrong with it.

Toxic MarkMont Dragon strings–I thought they pretty much sucked. Kept slipping off my finger, and they aren’t the bulletproof strings that people say they are, at least not for me. It got frayed and dirty like any other string, and I didn’t like it much better broken in than when I first tried it. That’s sorta bogus anyway, everyone always saying how it’s a good string once it’s broken in. Yeah, I feel like if it doesn’t play good in the first ten minutes, it’s not the perfect string.

Twisted Stringz Luminous X–an enjoyable purchase. These play great, though maybe a little stiff. They glow excellently. A little pricey, but you got to try them if you have any interest at all in glow-in-the-dark stuff. Also, I liked that they whipped like cream.

Kitty strings–these are like your regular colored polyester strings, but better. A little pricier, but I think a better value than basic strings. They play very nice, especially considering the reasonable price. I will continue to buy and use these.

Basically, the BG strings, Luminous X and Kitty strings are all I’ll ever need. I’ll still continue my search for better strings, but these’ll be hard to beat.

I actually hate my BG1s. I’ll trade you like all of a pack of BGs minus the one I used for two Dragons actually. The tension seemed way too loose for me with BGs and it seemed like it was always about to come apart.


Ok, I’ll see if I still have two of those left. Might’ve already traded them off.

Also, I agree they seem a little loose, that just happens to suit my style though and so I really like them.