Tower to Ping Pong- Two Great Tastes that Go Great Together!

Tower to Ping Pong. Super fun trick. Now you can do it too!


Nice tutorial man!

Thanks! I appreciate all the support you guys give me. I’ll try and keep doing what I’m doing.

Is that a Freehand Zero?

It’s a PGM.

A PGM with orange inner-rims?

It’s a FHZ

Thought you were talking about the first (blue) one. I do believe I am not wrong that is a stackless white PGM with blue sides.

That’s an X-ConVict.

You, Panda Joe, are a great teacher. You break down the trick into very clear steps. And as a bonus, you are extremely entertaining. I’m going to learn that trick and make a video of it. For me this is massively ambitious. But you make it look possible.

What an odd x-Convict. I have never seen one with white insides and white rims.

Seriously guys, when you look at it from the side, you can clearly see that it’s not metal rimmed. And he does not use two different yoyos, he’s using a FHZ with two different caps.

Addment: You guys really need to watch the whole video.

Hmm stuck…

on the part of the video where it says “the easy part” (2:08) - lol yeah that’s where I’m stuck. Every time I try to pop it over the top and onto the string, I can’t hit just the front/bottom string. Am I supposed to pinch or something??

Haha, they really do.


Anyone? I worked on this one several weeks ago and gave up; tried again last night, still not sure what I’m doing wrong. I can’t keep the little “x” where the strings are crossed from sliding out of the way when I try to roll it over, so I always end up on the wrong string (well, all of the strings usually).

well after the twisting your finger in part you need to do a trapeze motion and swing the yoyo over your nonthrowhand pointer and land the yoyo on the bottom string

I know this may sound stupid to the better yo-yo players but how do you get the yo-yo to land on the string after the first curl and just before the second curl to make the tower? You say its easy but I don’t which string to land on and how to swing it to get it there. Help me PLEASE!

Same problem I had that I posted about above. As soon as I try to swing it over, the string I’m trying to land on slides over, and I miss and hit the other strings.

Try using your throw hand thumb to push the bottom string forward a bit. That should make landing a lot easier. (It did for me) :wink: