Does anyone know.....


During 5A May, Tyler Severance was using an all white yoyo with hubstacks that looks amazing!
I was wondering anyone know which one it is?
It looks to me like a Grind Machine, but better safe than sorry. :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks. :]


yes, i believe it’s a plastic grind machine version 1


yea, it probably was a grind machine


PGM V.2 actually.


is it a pgm v.2?
i thought it was a pgm


It is a PGM. Just a V.2, the better kind.


When people say PGM, they usually mean Version 2. He was using a Plastic Grind Machine Version 2.




No they don’t. I mean I usually say pgm v2 if that is what I’m talking about. So do most of the people I know. That’s about 150 other yoyoers.

Also oldyoyograndma, You should use the “plastic” if you are referring to a Plastic Grind Machine. YYF did make a Grind Machine that was metal.


Well, sorry. Then what I said was wrong. Will you forgive me? :’(




It has a weight ring configuration, i suspect thats a v1.
Maybe i was wrong, idk.