FT: Version 2 Plastic Grind Machine Good Condition

I’m looking to TRADE my v2 PGM. The yoyo is green with black details and hubstacks. Since this was never my main throw, it has no significant damage or worn pads. It plays like it is brand new. This version of the PGM does not use the weight rings used in the first version.The hubstack sleep time is great!

Condition: Used only a few times, there is one teensy weensy scuff on one of the halves that is strictly visual and barely noticeable along with tiny scratches on the side.

With the yoyo you will receive one of my own black and white strings - know that I’m no yoyo string genius, this was a prototype. You will receive the yoyo in its original packaging. Sorry about the poor image quality.

Decent condition Protostar/Northstar
Any usable loopers (must be a set of 2)

I will seriously consider ANY YOYO OFFER in the form of a pm.

;D -Happy Throwing ;D