Ping Pong

Please post some good tutorials on the ping pong yo-yo trick.

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Not that great but its what I could find.

Addition! by our very own Xela!

i cant really post vids and if i did, they lighting/editing would suck but i can tell you for tower ping pong you take a trapeze and hop back off the string and over ur pointer like in rewind. You the wrap the yoyo around the string once like in motorcycle. Next you open up the wrap w/ ur thumb and index and swint the yoyo over the back of ur non throwhand. You take the string that you opened w/ ur thumb and index. And pull it w/ ur throwhand. Now twist in ur non throwhand and a tower should appear. drop the tower and you will be in a ping pong knot. To do the ping pong part simply bounce the yoyo off of the trapeze and onto the knotted string. Use ur non throwhand to bonce it back to trapeze. Continue to do this motion smoothly and youll have tower ping pong. ;D

Here you go. I made one juuuuuuust for you.  ;D

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nice use of miles