Need help with ping pong

I’m trying to learn ping pong from this video:

The issues I’m having are:
*Controlling the ping pong 
*Dismounting without getting in a knot- Not sure how to do it
*I have also had 2 instances where the yo-yo actually came off the string!

Am I getting into the ping pong portion of the trick correctly? Thanks  :slight_smile:

Well, after practicing, I was able to land the trick. After landing the mount, I had to pop out of the triangle without making the string for the ping pong too long. I think I was able to do this by just barely popping it upwards. Then with the shorter string, the ping pongs were easier. Lastly to dismount, I just toss the string that is looped around my finger towards me. If I throw the yo-yo hard enough to the other side, I won’t get a “knot.” When I do get what I thought was a knot, I just pull on the string real hard and it comes undone.

Yep that’s correct, to dismount the knot tug really hard at it because it’s a slip knot