Ping Pong dismount

Hey, have been trying PingPong for the first time and i seem to have a problem with the dismount, it looks like you just need to throw the yoyo to the right to dismount in every tutorial i found. but when i try so i just get a huge knot and i cant seem to find out what i m doing wrong.
could someone help me please? :slight_smile:

this is the version of the trick i try

hey! I just tried this for the first time, and I didn’t seem to have a problem :slight_smile: but there are things to keep in mind, I’ll try my best to explain

1- when you’re trying to wrap the string around your index on the OFF hand (0:20 in the video) it goes INSIDE the triangle you’ve formed and onto the string, not just around your index and onto the string like a normal double or nothing. watch the video carefully if i didn’t explain properly lol

2- make sure you drop the strings off your yoyo hand first, and then the string on your THUMB from your left hand

3- green triangles can be a little tricky, but this isn’t exactly a green triangle, it looks like one (so i guess it is LOL) but make sure you’re popping the yoyo out TOWARDS you! so not to the front of the string but to the back.

4- after you dismount, there might be a little “crumble” in the string which u just need to tug on, for it to go away, but not a knot.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile: so keep practicing and good luck LANDING IT :smiley: