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When doing the dismount from the double or nothing, I cant seem to hit it at all when you go back up with the 1.5 mount type thingy. Any tips?


Are you pinching the string, like in this video @ 0:53 ?




I’m confused, then. Could you explain exactly what you’re having trouble with? Is the “it” that you “can’t seem to hit” the string or the next aspect of the trick; and if so, exactly what part are you having trouble with?


going up into the string. sorry.


No need to apologize :slight_smile: just a miscommunication. Anyway, you’re not going to like my advice. So, I’m sorry.


(liviooo) #7

R u talking about going from a double or nothing to a 1.5 mount?


When I learned it the segment you pinch and swing the yoyo on would get twisted up and slip out from between my fingers. Is that what you mean?


that and it just does not want to go up into the string.


I wish I had a gopro so I could make vids to help people.


That trick is easier with longer string. don’t go too far though maybe an inch or two. Watch ibanezcollector on YouTube. he has awesome slowmotion and tutorials for it. That’s how I learned. Also practice…