Double or mouthing to 1.5 mount

I’ve been working on the transition from double or nothing to 1.5 by popping thing yoyo up into the top string then around the outside of the nth then back up into the top string and over the throwhand into the 1.5. Basically the heart of the trick amuse. I’m having the problem where the yoyo catches the strings after coming around the nth and slams into my th knuckles. Anyone have any advice or tips? And am I having trouble due to the fact I’m using fat kitty string? Should I use a thinner string?

The thinner string could help, but try to go faster and/or stronger to create momentum so the string don’t snag

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So basically move the yoyo fast enough where the snagging doesn’t have a chance to happen. I’ll have to try that. I’m really weak in my 1.5 mount area so I’ll just have to suck it up and keep practicing. I just hate that thing slamming into my knuckles. It’s the same to me as tuning a high e string on a guitar waiting for it to pop haha.

try raising your th