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I was just playing Embodiment of Scarlet Devil. I’m pretty terrible at it, though.

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Haha ,I love the picture.


What in the world is Touhou?


It’s a computer game series of mostly danmaku shooters (stuff where you control a plane/ship/character and have enemies scrolling onto the screen shooting at you, like Gradius or Galaga, but with an emphasis on intricate bullet patterns).  The games are all made mostly by one guy in Japan.

The games have a huge cast of characters (each game can have close to a dozen or so characters, and a lot of them are original to the game they appear in, so it adds up) based largely around Japanese mythology.  The characters and the music are probably the two most famous aspects of the game.

Here is an example of a stage from one of the games on its toughest difficulty setting:

There are also a few official fighting games made in collaboration with another group of game designers, plus some official media (books, manga, etc).  In addition, there is a huge amount of fan-made works, including doujin games, fanart, fiction/manga/animated videos, musical arrangements, etc, and a lot of it is professional quality.  Because of all the material outside the official games, there is a pretty big fandom outside of the games as well.

The picture above is a fanart of the series’ two main protagonists.

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Although it’s not a game for wimpy boys… only the manliest of men are tough enough to handle a game this hard.


Even the fan-games are the manliest:

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So I started playing Touhou.

I’ve played some of Embodiment of the Scarlet Devil still haven’t beat it (I refuse to go down to easy…).


Is that a Reimu papercraft? It’s really cool.

I’ve been playing Imperishable Night more lately. I’m doing better with that than EoSD, but I still can’t 1 credit clear Normal. I was playing through on Easy for fun, though, and was surprised to find you can actually unlock the Extra stage on Easy in that game.


I’ve heard of touhou for years, but I actually never knew what it was. I’ll check it out though, I love shoot 'em ups




Yeah it took pretty long time since I had to colour it.

Last night made it 67% on Normal… xD

Are you asking if it’s a flash game?


A friend of mine got a touhou game for Christmas. I love bullet hell games and I am quite excited to get started on it.




Nope you got to download it.

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I have most of them downloaded ,but I haven’t beat any of them yet. lol I’m close though.


You only truly beat them when you beat them on lunatic, no bombs and no deaths.

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Yea… no thank you.


Started my Flandre Scarlet paper craft.

Sorry for the poor quality. =/

Also I made it 70.1% with no bombs. I feel like a cheat if I use 'em but I’ll use them on hard.