Totally Wonderful Idea (at least to me!)

I like One Drop’s Burnside I am also aware that it has a lower price due to cheaper machining prices that go along with no Side Effects System and a less complicated design.

I was just thinking it would be FANTASTIC if One Drop came out with a Burnside W/ Side Effects.

Same shape maybe slightly lighter with weight in the same places so Side Effects would change the play with out putting it at 70Grams.

Id be more than happy to spend a little more for this!

Just a thought! A wonderful thought haha

I think they call it the Code 2.

Burnside is way more narrow, and C2 is much wider. The burnside has sharper rims, no grooves, is much heavier feeling, and not much like the C2 at all. That is like saying the M10 and Burnside are the same because from afar, they are they same kind of shape.

I have both. I like both. However, the M10 has little interest to me, which is why I passed on it.

I’ll go A/B those next week since I don’t think I have much else to do.