TotalArtist Titanium Gumballs Begleri!


Gumballs begleri were designed by The TotalArtist, fellow YoyoExpert forum member, yo-yo and general skill-toy collector, begleri player, and the maker the Gumdrops begleri, that are also available here in the store. Begleri is a skill-toy, two beads on a cord, used to do hand tricks, a relaxing past time that tends to ease the mind.

Gumballs begleri are medium-sized organic shaped Grade 5 Titanium round hollow beads, available here in the 28g version of the set. Gumballs are the most round titanium set ever produced. They are medium sized beads that feel substantial in the hand, without the big bubbly feel that a lot of round shaped beads have. It’s not too big or too small, at about 20mm, and not too light or too heavy. Gumballs will fit nicely in your hand, and in your pocket. The 28g weight gives you plenty of momentum for all your advanced tricks, with the comfort a beginner can appreciate. The hollowness gives them a hefty, but floaty feel during play, and it also creates a satisfying “clack” sound during play, that you’re sure to fall in love with.

These beads were very difficult and expensive to machine, due to the hollowness of them, and the need to maintain weight consistency. A lot of machinists turned down this project, but we’re happy that it’s finally here, and available for you, in very limited quantity.

Gumballs are available in six color options, custom anodized by The Totalartist, in blue, yellow, pink (with some gold and purple highlights), purple (with pink, gold and blue highlights) and green (with blue and gold highlights). The hints of other colors in a few of these colorways, make each anodized set unique. They are also available in raw titanium.

As you can see from the photos, we’re very happy with the way these turned out. Gumballs are packaged in a box, with samples of 425 cord, a pouch, and stickers. If you’ve been waiting to start learning begleri tricks, it’s the perfect time to get started.

FRIDAY 7/27 @ 8PM EDT!