toss me a direction to research on my new throw

Picked up a metal drifter last fall and it’s been fun, but I can clearly see it doesn’t play well enough to do some amazing tricks. It’s too responsive and I don’t know if I should pickup the things to truely make it play like I want or just get a better yoyo to start with. I can’t stand the idea of un-symetrical w/ pulling only 1 of the friction pads… lol

next the A type bearing ticks me off, it’s just too uncommon to get a good replacement w/o ordering online. I realize it has potential but cost vs cost. what makes for the better decision in the long run?

I want it to be metal, maybe a bit more weight.
really unresponsive, links to exact friction stickers / bearing since I’m not familure
ballpark price
interested in alot of string tricks, currently run out of sleep time - too responsive to get any looping
opinions / personal preferences for a new / semi-new player
40-100$ budget

Since you want a metal I’d just pick up a DV888. I’ve played a couple of them and they are smooth. They’re at the lower end of your price range, being only $45, so you would definitely have money left over for say string, an extra bearing or two, or even another throw.

If you’re not one of those “USA Only!” purists than you could get a MagicYoYo throw. If you Google the company you’d definitely find them. I have 3 and I got each of them for less than $20. They’re cheap, but they play well, and they come with a grooved bearing, if you’re into that kind of thing. MYY also has “hubstacked” throws, as well as one with “ztacks” or what we know as Z-stacks.

If you want a lot of customization in looks and weight than you could pick up a One Drop throw. I’ve never owned one or even thrown one, but they look great, and from what I hear they play great too. A Yelets is pretty cheap, at most costing $100, but if you just get a solid color you could probably get set of different Side Effects, just don’t get Ultra-lights" because that’s what it comes with. They’re great for being able to play around with and really get it to be “your” throw.

That’s just my two cents, so look around, and try stuff other than the big companies!

Magic yoyo would be my choice.

You can snap up a bargain on ebay and get a $100+ for around $20. You would just have to wait ~3weeks for it to ship from china.

If you are lucky enough to grab one, go for a 3yo3 AI5 or a Monkey Finger Design Lesula. They are very wide profiles and make learning complex string tricks a breeze. They are somewhat “unknown” brands so it may be hard to find stocks now since the yoyos came out almost a month ago. But you will not regret putting in the time to find one.

$40-$100 is a really large price range. if you want a good weighted metal, try the YYF Genesis.
but if you recently starting out, i would suggest something on the cheaper metal side - like the C3 Dibase or any Magic Yoyo.

Yeah three is a good choice.

I suggest a Magic yoyo T5, N5, or N12. They are all pretty cheap, and come with a C sized bearing. The pads are hard to find, so you will want some flowable silicon (windshield sealant) to replace the response. You can find it in automotive store like O’riley’s or something like that.

Like the replies, gave me a direction to look in and got half a dozen browser windows open already.

Looking at the Di Base currently but a noteworthy concern came to mind.
How difficult are these yo-yo’s to pull appart if i tangle sh!t up and gotta untie it? I see the Dv888 has a alen while the Di Base seems completely smooth. After browsing the One Drop line I’m not sure I know enough of what I want to even make a good choice.

Will I need a tool? how resiliant are the axels / how they’re built into the yo-yo…

currently with my metal drifter it’s really picky on binds and one in a dozen it’ll gob the string up so hard it’s easier to unscrew it than deal with it.

you never remove the axle from the dv888 by using the allen

you just unscrew the yoyo like you would the metal drifter

You will not need anything besides a good amount of string and maybe some lube

Also the DiBase2 is on it’s way out and should be released sometime this month I’d think

Both the dv888 and dibase will play well and I’ve owned both. I prefer the dv888 to the dibase but the dibase2 looks awesome.

As for picking a yoyo just choose anything. Almost any yoyo that gets released these days will be a step up from the metal drifter.

Personally I’d just pick up this pro pack and some string and call it a good purchase

You could take a look at the other stuff out there right now but that’s an awesome deal
There’s other pro packs that are cheaper that you could look into now but they end easter sunday

A yoyofactory grind machine, protostar ,northstar, onestar ,psg, alpha crash , and an asteroid.
I suggest plastics because they are cheap but plays nicely. Im just giving you a cheaper solution.

That is a huge price range…
Here are my suggestions for various price points.

$45: YYF DV888
$55: C3 DiBase
$60: Werrd Hour
$68: C3 Capless
$70: RecRev TA-1
$85: YYF Catalyst
$100: OneDrop Code 2 Nautilus

All of those throws will rock… Just pick the one you like the price / styling of best!!!

I would say the Zen 4. Nice classic wing shaped fast smooth very stable and only cost you $45

Just buy whatever looks cool to you.

thanks for all the replies, didn’t really expect that much response on a noobie thread about what should I get. Still I feel it’s obvious… I’m one of the biggest issues in getting better, not my throw… though, out of the box the metal drifter isn’t very good at completely unresponsive play.

I went with a C3 Capless with a little headroom for kitty strings and some friction pads for my duncan. Want to take something with me everywhere to abuse and destroy =P

I wanted the C3 Di Base but Gawd Damnit they only had pink left. Bullcr@p, I already look gay / pedo enough when I’m chilling at the park watching my daughter play… least I need is a pink yo-yo confirming assumptions.

Currently working on as many split bottom mount tricks I can as well as practicing binds. =\ It’s sorta like work but building a foundation of binds is like building a good foundation of math before doing higher levels.