(M.DeV1) #2

You make the voodama dolls?


why is there burn marks on the rims? are u usingg a special bit that leaves the marks? also was the wood burned on by hand ---- or did you just us a slincle thing heated up and pressed on it?


I run them across the router rather slowly to achieve my desired shape. The friction of the blade creates alot of heat and slightly burns the wood; however, if I push it through too fast it tends to splinter the wood. I could sand the burn marks off all the way, but I feel it ads charm to them :slight_smile:

And yes, I do make the voodama dolls :wink:



(M.DeV1) #6

Looks gorgeous! Do you plan on selling these and if so how much?


I’m going to post some on ebay pretty soon and auction them off starting at a low price.
They do play very, very well :wink:




You’re an artist man. Those look beautiful, and ive always admired those dolls.




Definitely post a link when you put them on ebay!


I posted them to eBay;)




Looking forward to my Pocket Love. :wink:


You will be very pleased. The walnut wood is beautiful (smells nice too :D)-and the slim profile will feel great in your pocket.