Modding my Dark Magic.

(yokaiyo) #1

I grinded down the rims on my DM and I compared its weight with my Dads DM
and it is lighter and it is awsome for grinds. I’ll post some pics some time. Have you done something like this before?

keep spinning





Yep. Satin Finishing.


your dad has a dm?


shouldn’t this be in modding forum? ???

(yokaiyo) #6

Yeah, a pink and black special edition.

keep spinning



iv got that one! wouldn’t mod that one LOL!
i wish my dad could yoyo! haha! saying that he can do a mean rock the baby! lol but he cant bind any of my yoyos! lol
and to be back on topic, no iv never modded! lol

(JayVee) #8

I’ve never done anything like this to my DM, but I’m tempted to. The bumps and scratches on the rims of my DM really bug me. >:(