fun with my lathe

The one on the left is white maple with duncan guts. The one on the right is oak with pgm guts and I used black gasket maker to fill in the tops for extra weight. and it holds in the nuts. Also the counter weight is maple.
Just some fun

I forgot to put the pics up. Its getting late

dear god i was more attracted to your signature then your post!

I’m not sure if I should be laughing or be concerned!

The sig was from a thead on the trick suicides. I cant remember whos quote it was or where the thread came from. It made me laugh so I had to put it up.( i have a sick sense of humor) so Ive been told. :wink:

Hahaha, I love the sig, but I also love the yoyos, but i think you should ive kept the hubs stacks on teh yoyo, but w/e I really like the yoyo’s, they look nice but how do they play?

They play great these are the first to not wobble. My next will be out of purple heart and I was thinking of doing something like the rainbow yoyo. I figure if I glue single layers of colored plywood and then spin them. I want to color the ply with certified color ( vegetable or food coloring) even hair color like manic panic. As long as I give it a good coat of spar varnish the colors wont bleed.

man… That sounds Awsome. Good luck

I would not want a purple heart splinter. That wood is mean. Smooth it down to 400 and some type of shiny coating to really set it off.