Some mods/ made yoyos I've done

Sup guys- first post, here’s some of my stuff

Half dyed blue 3yo3 Cosmo (my own new brand) - hand turned on a lathe from acrylic blanks

a polished CU (still have a few deep scratches that can be worked out)

How to hook up a zombie

just some old 70’s/80’s Duncans?..

Nope, take apart bearing, using FH type guts, and recessed silicone. You get the play of a FHZ, but the vintage looks

Here’s a Cosmo with aluminum weight rings, for super long spins. Size C bearing

Miniture delrin model, the Luce. 1.85" diameter, about 64 grams, great player to carry around to places.

Do you sell those home-mades?

Great stuff. The vintage mods are my favorite :] Keep up the good work.

Yea, everything’s for sale- check the link ( in my sig if you’re interested! Thanks for the comments guys!

Hmm, I am liking that Luce… After I get every other yo I want I will get one ;D

nice yos!

Looks great!