My Awesome Lynn Fury

I recently finished modding my lynn fury and to tell you the truth it plays better than my g5 lol. I didnt want it to be that good cuz now i dont use my expensive yoyos lol. i added a konkave bearing, sanded it, took some weight off, added stacks, added flowable silicone response, and dyed it. Tell me if you like it! I may be able to trade/sell it also.

Can we see pics of the guts and stacks?

Yeah gimme like 10 mins


Its my first mod so its not great but i really love it!

I will post the rest of the pics in a bit.

If you dont like the stacks i can take them off to.

… A little bit later…

… A little more of a bit later…

It’s your first mod?! Lol, that thing is a beast. PM me if you want to get rid of it! ;D

Lol is it really that good?


Thanks, i will make a video of it tomorrow and post. It plays good. I dont know if it is really that good though. Deos anyone know how to add metal rims

sorry i dont know ???

Well if it already plays great then I wouldn’t recommend taking the chance and putting metal rims on it. That could go very wrong.

But if you really want to do it, ask Icthus.

Here’s his profile:;u=1193

if i add metal rims i will definately do it to my legacy. Im done with my lyn

Smart choice if you really want to add metal rims to something. But the Legacy already has metal weight rings embedded in it, why would you want to put more on?

But you can do whatever, it’s your yo-yo. Like I said contact Icthus about that, he’s a great modder and he could probably give you some great advice if it’s possible.

Oh really,? i didnt know that lol. WHY wouldnt they just keep the metal rims showing??? I mean alot more people might buy it if they knew that it had metal rims on it

It doesn’t have metal rims on it. It has metal weight rings “in” it. You can’t put metal rims on every yoyo. Some people like the feel of plain old plastic. I love my legacy stock!

It says in the descriptions that there’s metal rims. I don’t get why people buy yoyos without looking at the description.

The caps look a lot cooler too.

I think the reason the Legacy costs so much less than the Dark Magic when, in reality, they’re the same yo-yo with the Dark Magic having the metal rims on the outside and the Legacy having metal weight rings on the inside. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think it’s because the rims inside the Legacy are completely unpolished metal. They look pretty ugly, I don’t think anybody would want those beasts on the outside of a yo-yo.

how’d you add the stacks? did you just cut off the little nub part and add a bigger axle? That his ONE SICK LOOKING YOYO, im jelouse

THATS SICK, I have to get on the ball w/ mod’n my Lyn!!!