How about LF2 V.2

I put my metals aside today and picked up my all black shimmed Lyn Fury. I had allmost forgot what a nice yoyo it really is, and I thought to myself -yoyojam should really make a second version. Celcon or Delrin (although i’ve always wanted a bakelite yoyo) , heavier rims, fixed gap and silicon response. Please YYJ, give the BC cream some competition.

I think that, too. The Lyn Fury could be heavier, and the gap could be wider.

Metal weight rings on that would be awesome.

I’m no fan of metal rims for some reason, but some metal guts would be nice

But isn’t Lyn fury a Smaller hitman without metal rims? ???

But I agree that a second version of the Lyn would be nice, made of Delrin.

The diameter is, but the width isn’t.

Feels big in my hand, compared to my Hybrid Hitman. :slight_smile:

Undersized Lyn Fury… :o I would want one… Ever since I got my dv888 I like my Yo-Yo’s undersized.

The Lyn is undersized.

And technically, it is also delrin.

the lyn is not a smaller hitman. They are the same size, but the lyn is a little bit wider. And celcon is the same chemical formula as delrin, but delrin is treated like a metal and celcon is treated like a plastic. Just clearing that up for some of you that may not know what Samad meant.

You mean the Legacy?

No. He meant a second version of the Lyn Fury. The Lyn and the Legacy have completely different shapes.

I never said it was smaller. The diameter is, but the width isn’t.

I was talking to rsmod.

Oh, sorry. :slight_smile:

Sorry, my memory is failing.

Actually, the Lyn is bigger than the hitman in all ways, width AND diameter. The YYE Measurements are wrong, I checked the size comparison with eyesight. It might not be accurate, but I can tell which one is bigger.

P.S. The YYN Comparisons seem to be more accurate.

Yea, the lyn is a little bit bigger. I have them both and I compared them. The lyn is just a tiny bit larger in both diameter ad width. And it also appears to be thicker too, like it fells bigger in your hand. That may be because of the celcon plastic.

The Lyn just has the same shape as the hitman am I right?


The Lyn Fury comes up higher, and squares off.

The Hitman is more rounded.

Oh Ok.
Because I read that somewhere. About it being designed around the hitman.