Was this the link you are trying to get?;topic=34585.0;=6638

got some pics up :wink:

Your mods are great! Also, is yoyobozo your account?

A long time ago, purplepottamus has a nicer ring ;D

those look good. Wish you could do somthing like that to my yoyos. too bad i can’t ship them to you.

Hey I’m in the mood to mod and dye some fhzs. Any takers?

Dude. I really. Any understand why you didn’t get more positive feedback on that FHZ. I love FHZs and am always drooling over the threads dedicated to them on other forums.

Having said that, your FHZ is pretty high on my list of favorites. PM sent.

reshapes added :wink:

Awesome! Do you have a lathe or is all this done on a drill?

I use all of the following: drill press; lathe; router. Suprisingly though, I found that the router is my weapon of coice for reshapes; it makes for more consistency when reshaping 2 halves equally, as opposed to reshaping on a lathe.

What’s a “deep fry?”

A facetious stab at humor :smiley:

Could you?
Would you?

I love the job you did on the flying squirrel. I may have to send mine out to you.

Send it my way. Squirrels are fun.

Let me mod your throws. My power tools are HUNGRY!

Nice work man!

I’m reshaping and fitting some freakhands orf c-spec berings with bearingized dice right now. I’ll be posting them on the bst thread tomorrow night :wink:

I have that Cat FHZ! I love it people this guy does beautiful mod work!