Post pictures of your latest mod!

There’s a BIG lack in the # of mods people have been doing for the past few years, post yours!!

I don’t have pics, but I dyed a halo with green hubs purple… It is now the hulk smash halo.

I’ll try to post them soon

i cant see them

Let’s see that Halo!!!

The FH2 has a much better shape, what’d you cut it on??

I have quite a bit I haven’t taken pics of yet lol

2 reshaped FH2s

Kind of hard to tell but it’s a highwalled and recessed FHZ. The wall has been polished.

A recessed FHZ

Recessed SpeedMaker, the half with the bearing is the receesed one.

And this was just a fun little project. An Auldey L3 modded to accept a size D bearing. Surprising doesn’t have anymore vibe than it did.

Ok here is mine sorry for the bad pics ;D
this is a modded yyf first run one it has hub stacks, it is dyed, and it is satind.

Basicly every thing on this page I moded

Maybe a description of what you did would be real nice.

A drill press

I wish I could physically mod stuff, but don’t have the ‘know how’ or a lathe. Did finish these up yesterday though!

Dang. Those are hot. Awesome work.

yoyospirit-- WOW, you’re getting good!!! The polish really is class. What are you using? Keep it up dude!!

yoyoexpertman-- I like it!! What is that REALLY wide one?? Looks like somethign I would have made in days past, great!!

jason- always impressed, hahaha.

custom dyed milkshake, ta1s and reverbs.




That Speed Maker looks great!! You don’t happen to be selling them do you?

All I use is Mothers and sandpaper lol, also, it’s all done on a drill :smiley:

Please, I must see! :o

And man, I wish I had equipment to do modding of any sort. Definitely something I’d be into

All it takes is a drill to do the basic ones

it was made out of bottle caps and mod spacers