Some modded FH2s

In my quest to come up with a standard mod process whenever I get a FH2 (seeing as I prefer them over Zeros), I’ve come up with a few modifications that result in a pretty sweet FH2.

This first once has been remachined on the inside to remove the Dragonfly-esque ridges, mold injection points, and other features that were molded in, such as the Duncan logo and website. What’s left is a smooth surface, and a slight weight reduction. I gave it a soft satin finish on the outside.

May be hard to see in pictures, but I also added a slight roundover to the harsh edge around the cap, which makes it more comfy feeling. Here’s a comparison:

The other FH2 has been given the same process, but remachined to accept FHZ caps! Here’s the two completed yoyos:

I love FH2s, and I think these two are going to be the standardized process I perform when I get new ones. They lead to a really nice playing set of yoyos, and I didn’t spend too much time on either at all, so I have no remorse in carrying them around and beating them up.

Nice work. Did you enlarge the response area? The first pic makes it look that way, but it could just be the perspective.

The response area was slightly recessed at an earlier date. I still need to do the same to the purple one.

Those look really nice! I’ve always preferred the FH2 over the Zero as well.

Those do look nice. I kinda started to not like the FH2 so much after they changed to the body without the rubber weight ring, though.
Maybe I need to pick a couple up and try again! :smiley:

This is my thought exactly as well.
However, yours look very nice indeed Pat…Nice Work.

Do you plan to ever sell any?

No. This is part of my personal process when I get FH2s. The modifications are honestly easy enough that if you have a drill and some spare practice yoyos, you can pretty much do the same thing, and you get the satisfaction from doing it yourself.