So I CUTted an FHZ this morning :)

Here’s the results. 61.5 grams. 52mm in diameter. Plays beautifully!

Nice mod!

You are on F I Y A!

Thats epic! Any vibe?

Normal FHZ vibe.

Most cool looking FHZ I’ve seen in a while. Nice job! Very Clean!

that is the most epic FHZ I ever saw! what did you used to do that?

Very nicely done, elite modding skills there man. Do you sell any of your work?

Thanks guys. Yes I use a Taig lathe to do most of the work. I also use a Sieg X2 Mini Mill for some of my modding.

Hardcore_Max1986: Yes, I do! I have this particular one up for sale, as well as having several FHZs that I can mod just about any way you want!

what is that?

That is the Taig lathe, Nmaster.

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