What are your thoughts 12/21/12? Just wondering,…

Please don’t mention anything about the YYF Doomsday Genesis(thus the name unrelated)

My thoughts: Mayans set up a prank for us :stuck_out_tongue: .

I’m just tired of this whole obsession with specific dates, 12.12.12 was bad enough. “Oh we’ll only experience this once! It’s so special.” It’s not special, it’s the whole point of actually having dates, they only happen once.

I think most people are over the whole “the World will end” idea. At least people are Christmas-shopping just as crazy as every year. I’m assuming that people buy gifts because they’re not idiots, or because they’re idiots, but smart enough to know how humiliating it would be when they realized they were wrong.

See if I’m confident that the world won’t end, there’s no one to humiliate if it happens. I’ve heard stories of people betting on it, which is really stupid.

I can comfort myself with the fact that even though every corner of the internet will be flooded with terrible 12.21.12 stuff, it won’t be as bad as watching that abomination of a movie.

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On 12/21/12, I think everyone will lose the game.

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If the world truly did end in one week, that would mean those of you in school will have been doing school for your whole lives :smiley:

I’d be happy with that. Not having to deal with bills, being with friends, not worrying about much. Sounds decent to me.


Sorry, the world ended some years past.

The Mayans didn’t count leap years.


Not to mention that they didn’t even use the calender the “Predicted” the end of the world. Besides, it just starts a new cycle, like a millennium. All the other “Theories” are just bogus.

all i can think about is 2112… you know. 21/12… 2112. yeah you got it.


oh and the doomsday genesis looks awesome.


Funny how stupid some people are.

Hugs Yes!  I’m not crazy!

I think its just pile of idiots making this stuff up because they have nothing better to do. It’s obvious it is not going to happen just a person misread the Mayan calender and though “oh my goodness we will all di on this day!”

pathetic of these people

This is just like y2k all over again. It’s all hype.

I mean, if the Mayans were so good at predicting the future, wouldn’t there still be Mayans?

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Or fellow player does make a good point.

As do I. Everyone will lose…
And consume smudge.

Ugh… It’s so stupid! Every body is like " oh no!!" And I am like what the heck is wrong with you? There is a NASA video showing a lot of reasons the world isn’t going to end, it’s pretty cool. Oh, and the dooms day genisis looks cool

You know whats Great about this?

Mayans didnt have Leap years like us.
12/21/12 was based on MAYAN calendar
not our present day one.

Therefore, the world would have ended, many MANYYY Years ago.

So, that just proves that 12/21/12
is ridiculous.

Did i blow anyones minds?


…Awkward AznnboyaZ is awkward