The end of the world, or the beginning?

So, 12/21/2012 is allegedly the end of the world. But, I happen to be getting married on that day, so I consider it the beginning of my world. I know this means very little to the vast majority of you, but I’ve been a part of this community for quite a long time, and I consider said community to be a part of my family. I tend to be a somewhat low key member of this forum, but I’ve made some great friends via this site, and this community in general. So, I just wanted to let you guys and gals know that I appreciate you all, and that I plan on being a part of this wonderful group for a long, long time. Thank you for allowing me to tag along. Just remember that we’re family. Family loves each other, but we also fight and argue. But, in the end, we should always be there for each other. I love you crazy kids, and I’m proud to be a part of this world.


Married you say! Welcome to the club and may your new beginning be smooth and happy. Married my high school sweety a few centuries ago and wouldn’t trade in a single second of it, good and bad.

Very well put Shaun, it is a great community. And best of luck to you sir, on your big day tomorrow. Pretty smart to get married
on 12-21-12, you are almost guaranteed to never forget your anniversary.

dont jinx him.

Congratulations Shaun on your approaching nuptials!

Thank you so much for your kind remarks and including us all among those sitting on the “groom’s side”. May your future together be filled with many blessings and long sleep times.

Never really thought of you as “low key” myself. :wink:

The date was very much planned. Many of my friends had said over the years that “it’ll be the end of the world before Shaun gets married.” so, after I proposed last year, we started discussing dates, and I mentioned the “end of the world” scenario. I am lucky enough to have a girlfriend who not only shares my sense of humor, but she’s also a yoyo’er. So she thought the “End of the world” date was not only hilarious, but fitting. The rest is history.

Awesome day to get married on; HUGE congrats! May your love last much longer than this world :slight_smile:

Wow. Congrats, man. She being a yoyo-er is a really big plus. And what a coincidence, I’m attending a wedding too. I’m not the one getting married though.