Read this.

As we all know, tomorrow brings forth the end of the world, or era, or maybe brisk wind. Who knows? But one thing is for certain, whoever believes that this is the end of the world is ridiculed by many a person more cynical (myself included). People don’t believe that the world is coming to an end, anyone who does is a psycho or just a very amused person playing along (again, myself included).

I’ve been quite the insomniac lately. College and finances have me stressed to the point of tears, and lately I’m not quite sure how to deal with it (If any of you more fortunate souls have $500 to spare, send it my way :P). As I was looking into my mirror tonight (As I often do during the late nights alone and awake, wondering the great mysteries), when suddenly something hit me.

Why not make this the end of your world as you know it? Now, some people will read that and think “Q, I don’t need you telling me to off myself.” And that isn’t what I mean. You all can look in the mirror and tell me a laundry list of things that are wrong with you, I know you can. So why not take your chance tomorrow to get on the path to change those. Think of it as a New Years Resolution, but for the new WORLD. We can make this the end of the world. We can take the initiative to make a change in ourselves. To make a positive change in our lives on this, the end of the world.

How often do you get to look out your window and tell yourself that this is the day of the apocalypse, as prescribed by ancient stone tablets carved before your birth? Once. You get that same chance that anyone else has. So take it.

This is your time to end your world, and make a brand new one, so go out there tomorrow, and make your life great. Go ask out the girl you’re to scared to. Start working out. Start writing that book you’ve always wanted to. Just take tomorrow to make the rest of your life as great as I know you can.

I want you guys to write a letter to yourselves and put it in your wallet, your purse, your yoyo case.
Tell yourself that this is going to be the day that you made the change, that you took the chance, that you took your stand. I want you to make sure that this is the day that your world ends, and you make the new world the best thing ever.

And don’t just hold on to this idea, do it. Spread it. Make this the end of an era. Make tomorrow the day that you, and everyone you know looks back and says “That was the day I changed.”

Guys, I hope you take this opportunity and make something of it. This is your near death experience. This is your time to shine.

This is your new world.


I’mma do it. Hope my convictions are strong and my choices are wise.

I’m getting married. Does that count?


But congrats. Tell Kirstie congrats, and my condolences. IN that order.


Q, you’re awesome.