I had a blonde moment,
i gotta dye my hair back to black xD

Maybe this day will be when the zombie apocalypse starts ;D

And the fact most people post Aztec calendars is even funnier.

Nothing is going to happen, I’m sure. Mayan’s said it was the end of an era, not the world. Their version of an era is when a people die. They predicted World War Two, basically, which I hate to say, their prediction is true. The Americans died, in a weird way. We became more willing to brand our own as enemies, ruin their lives, and make them become nonexistent, thus the 50’s and Red Scare. We lost ourselves, and have become, as a whole, less American, more willing to believe anything we’re told, and as a mass, have become stupid. Individuals may be smarter, but as a nation, we have declined. Books, which used to be proof one had money and knowledge, are now considered trash to our Nation. Electronics are taking over, and we’re being baited oh so well. I know I’m a part of this system, I don’t try to fight it. I try to take advantage of it. Most people get taken advantage of. Our world has ended, since WW2, in a way. Computers became Smarter, after the Nazi’s Super computer code was cracked by one of ours. It was the end, and the Start of the modern age. The Computer Era started when the Mayan Calendar said it would.

But that’s my take on it, based off my observations and experiences. I know people will argue, but it doesn’t matter. it already happened, people just refuse to accept change, like most species. Either we adapt, or die off…We have others adapt us, and we accept it as fact. So, there’s my tid bit, I hope you all state your opinions. I want to hear them.

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Both of you are super wrong.

Leap days aren’t a “new day”. If you and the Mayans counted days from then till 12/21/2012, you would count the same number of days. It’s just the fact that our calendars are set up differently.

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The Mayans did predict the end of an era. The end of the LAST era.

There are still Mayans.


It’s these types of arguments that I love

NEWS FLASH!! the world is not ending on the 21st. now back to our scheduled programming.

I think they should have a flash mob at a mall or something where at that time on the 21st, everyone drops and pretends to be dead, while only a few aren’t in on it. would be SO funny, lol


I agree!!!:smile:

That would be beastly.

I know, right?!?!

Or if we all dressed up as zombies at the mall on the 21st.

That reminds me of this scene from Glee where they pretend the rapture has happened and the one person who wasn’t in on it was totally freaking out.


You don’t say?

Hey guys,

Four days 'till tons of people are shocked. :smiley:

or proven right, and the believers all die, and we smart people live. Gonna be a great Darwin Award day, I think.

That was scary, but super awesome. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, on the day the world “ends” is the same day as my school’s talent show. I’m yoyoing in it. I think that would be a good way to go out.

If you don’t yoyo to this, you are no longer welcome here.