Yay, no apocalypse!

Who’s happy the May 21st apocalypse didn’t happen!?!?!?!? ;D

whats that? like 2012 or something?

Yeah some crazy guy said that he did some crazy calculations and the world was going to end today.

And I am super excited… I still have so many more yoyo tricks to learn

Me too, and if the world ended I never would have gotten to try the ILYY Liopleurodon which I think is coming in the mail as we speak.

And now, whenever something unfortunate happens, people will say just say “don’t worry about it, it’s not like it’s the end of the world.”

Not yet. It still might happen, as long as the last time zone hasn’t passed 21st of may yet.

well if it did i wouldnt get my sodad p2 and my basseloppe on wednesday

First off, it was the Rapture, not the Apocalypse.

Second, any fundamentalist Christian knew it wouldn’t happen, in because in the Christian eye, only God knows when the Rapture will start, and how long the Tribulation period will last.

Some might believe that he has given subtle and small hints as to when the Rapture will start, thus leading to the speculation of when it would happen

So it still remains the same. No one will know but so-called God.

I have no idea what you guys are talking about. I’m in heaven, It took me a little while to get internet access up here though. You wouldn’t believe what billy mays is trying to sell up here too

cough rapture cough

Nono, it’s still going down. God just outsourced the pyrotechnics, and they’re late as usual.