I’ve got a budget of $150 and was wondering what to get. I don’t really want to spend 150 bucks on one yo-yo because cheaper ones are just as good (sometimes) and I really need a new ipod which is 150 dollars. So what I’m asking is what’s the best stuff to get with $150 (yo-yos and non-yo-yos)


A Leviathan 2 from me.

Nice RC stuff is always fun…
Maybe an airbrush kit.


Hard to say. I like a lot of inexpensive yoyos myself and have no problem “slumming it” with budget friendly models.

Stuff I like that pops in my mind at $20- $40:
Trigger, Protostar, Northstar, Dienasty, PGM, Chaser, Legacy II, Token. YYR Diffusions(Not available here)

Under $20:
Pinnacle, Lyn Fury, SpeedMaker, Kickside, PSG, Asteroid, Stackless PGM, Classic, One, Whip

Over $40, but under $80, mostly metals:
DM2, Speeder 2, Hitman Pro, XConPro. DiBase, Halo, Facade, Freq. Wave, TA-1 and TA-1S, Firmy.

Yeah, there are others. There are also others that I have I’m leaving out or forgetting.

That’s enough to get you started, confused and gasping for air.


For a new iPod wise check amazon they have way cheaper prices like 50 dollars cheaper and for Yoyo stuff to buy
Di base (if you don’t have one yet)
String (you can never have enough)
YYJ pinnacle ( you never know if you want to get into a new style)
The new YYJ bag ( I don’t know it looks cool)
That and try a cheap magic yos stuff


Wow, if I had 150 bucks to spend on toys, I would definitely buy a cheap yoyo, string, response, and spend the rest on punk CDs! Or Game of Thrones DVDs…


DV888 is pretty good. Not the best, but cheap, well rounded, and reliable.

(SR) #7

I realize what you’ve said, but I still think you should get a Chief. It’s so much better than less pricey yoyos. It’s a worthwhile investment.