Not claiming to be an expert on bearings in particular, but almost anything that can be manufactured is done so with certain “tolerances” for failure. So for bearings it might be something like (completely made-up number; I have no real idea) 1 in 5000. Sounds like even if it was given a cursory test (spinning it or whatnot) it would have passed at first.

Maybe you just got that “1 in 5000”.


I would clean the bearing.

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contact yye and they will give you a new one free of charge


Deshield the bearing and give it a good clean. If not, GregP might be right and you might be that unlucky person who gets the incredibly rare dodgy bearing that sneaks past QC in which case you should contact the seller and/or One Drop. They’ll sort it out for you.



I had a 10 ball that was magnetized acted the same way.


The 10ball that came with my code 2 behaved the exact same way. I also thought that is was just “breaking in”. I popped a center-trac in my code 2 and just forgot about it. I recently got a YYJ classic and wanted to put the 10ball in that. I de-shielded it, cleaned it thoroughly, used the safety pin method to apply a minuscule amount of YYJ thin lube, and re-shielded it. After some test spins and a few long sleepers it plays dead smooth and quiet as a church mouse. Not to mention it spins for days.


I completely second this advice.

Sometimes a properly cleaned bearing can bring it back from “the dead”. Clean it, dry it then use a very sparing amount of lube(needled/pin dipped in lube, touched to a couple of balls in the bearing) and see how that goes for you.

Then again, you might have gotten a bad bearing. Give it a good cleaning first.


Don’t even clean it. Put a few drops of lube in there and play.




In the meantime you might try cleaning it as noted above. Can’t hurt.


Trust me on this one. Clean it and use a tiny tiny bit of thin lube using a pin or needle to apply it directly to each ball bearing. Worked for me.




It happens to me too on my code 2 i just lube it and its good as new