magnetized bearing????

so i got 2 yoyos recently… used… on was a dirt cheap phonomizm that was stuck together really bad… so i had to do some surgery to get it apart and when i did i noticed a ten ball inside… SCORE!!! but… the bearing is kinda responsive. at first i thought it was just not broken in… so i played it for a while and then cleaned it up and tried to spin it with no happier results… the bearing almost seems magnetized. i spin it on a pen cap and it spins one way for about 2 seconds and then spins back the other way for about an 8th of a full rotation. The only thing i can think of why it would do this is because it got magnetized somehow either by the tools i used to pry the yoyo apart or by the previous owner.

Clean the bearing, and repeated use will wear away the magnetism since usually bearings are real magnets.

I have a cheap bearing that does this. It came from an Audley Photon Spirit.

The odds are that the bearing is shot so you might want to consider replacing it.

Cleaning it can’t hurt. But, you might want to see about testing the magnetism by seeing if it can attract a small item such as a needle, staple or maybe a small screw. You might have metal filings inside that could be compounding the problem.

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I have had that happen with a S/C ceramic during shipping, must to have been next to a strong magnet during shipping.
Is spun for a while then wiggled back and forth before it stopped.
I replaced it.

i used it for a while to break it in and then i cleaned it really well… how i clean really gunked up bearings or shabby old ones is i put it on the end of a drill and spin it in acetone for about a half a minute, this also helps break new bearings in… it didnt do much. ill keep trying stuff out though

I would love for a way to fix this. My friend and I ordered some 10 balls from one drop and split them. I got the short end of that deal as one of my two does this exact thing and I have tried so hard to fix it. Good luck.

Has anyone tried a tool demagnetizer?

Pretty cheap and simple to use.

Worth a shot. I will check local hardware store and try in store. If it works I will purchase and get the word out.

so i read up on demagnetizing… you can demagnetize screwdrivers by heating them up really hot. so im trying it right now. ill let you know how it works after im done cleaning it out

it worked!!! the bearing isnt magnetized anymore. but its allllooot louder and crunchier feeling than it was before. still it works, maybe not as good as before it was magnetized but it works for sure. Ill explain how to do it at some other time.

Too much heat can distort the metals used in the bearing. Especially the cage since it’s the thinnest part of the bearing. this will dramatically reduce the life and playability of the bearing. Also please don’t post how you got the bearing hot enough to do this. Kids may get burned by trying it.

im aware. i was gonna post precautions and warnings with it as well. and im aware extreme heat will weaken the life of the bearing but its better than it not being used at all and im not about to go buy a demagnetizer. Its not the greatest idea ever and i dont recommend it but it was fun experimenting.