Magnetized Bearing


I think my bearing got accidentally magnetized. It plays a lot quieter but I was wondering if there could be any negative side affects.

(rizkiyoist) #2

As long as it’s not responsive, it may affect spin time depending on how magnetized it is. I just switched my bearing once it’s magnetized, been burning, hitting, scratching my magnetized bearing to no avail.


How would I know if my bearings became magnetized? Just curious seen you guys talking about it

(WildCat23) #4

Clean it tons of times and it still kind of “Sticks” in one place when you spin it.

(rizkiyoist) #5

When you spin the bearing, it may spin itself at some degree, or spinning back and forth till it stopped, kinda like a compass. Sticky bearing doesn’t always magnetized though.


It could be cool to have a magnetized bearing, like the high speed train in japan, where there is no friction and the little wheel inside the other bigger wheel don’t even touch each others!


I made a big thread about this. Most people thought it wasn’t possible, but then someone pointed out eddy currents and now I have no idea wether its possible or not.


Everybody that that the Wright brothers were crazy and that they never will succeed to fly.


In my opinion… It is possible.


If you use electric magnets, it’s possible, but to use permanent magnets… I think it is possible, but to have it be small enough to function as a yoyo bearing, and hold the weight of said yoyo, and have it be cheap enough to be worth it… Wait ten years, then ask again. Or, earn millions of dollars, and ask again.


Effectively it may cost a lot, maybe in ten years it will be possible. It’s like the old computers they were 10m x 10m and unaffordable and my iPod touch is now more powerful than those, smaller and more affordable.


Yeah, but they built a machine the size of a small trailer to fly on.

You’d have to pack permanent magnets powerful enough to suspend a yoyo into a VERY small package. Realistically, the only magnets that would be able to withstand the jerkiness of a moving yoyo would have to be quite large and have a powerful energy source attached. Only an electromagnet would work.

Even if magnetic bearings with floating races were possible, it would be many, many years into the future and they would probably never be applied to yoyos.


This will be the cause of another great yoyo boom in a few years…i can see it.


The future😱


A standard bearing that is magnetized will be responsive (correct me if I’m wrong) as it will have resistance. I had my first ten ball came magnetized from One Drop. After deshielding on a flick after stopping it would spin backward. No matter the throw I put it in 100% responsive. It now sits in a plastic Baggie at the bottom of my toolbox.


My bearing started unresponsive and so far the only side effects seam to be slightly reduced spin time but I’m not sure cause I never timed it before it was magnetized.


With science nothing is impossible!


To see if it is magnetized try and pick up small metal objects with just the bearing.


I couldn’t find any small metal objects but if I turn the bearing under a half turn clockwise and let go it’ll go counter clockwise back to where it started.


That could be several things causing that. Try to find a staple.