Magnetic Yoyo Bearing?

Has any company or anyone ever tried to create a magnetic bearing where the rings are suspended in mid-air using neodymium magnets or any other super strong magnet? I feel, like if something like this were to become a reality, yoyo-ing would be revolutionized once again.


I don’t know what you are saying on a technical level, but it sounds bloody awesome.


People have been talking about that on and off for literally a few decades.

And now here we are, you’re talking about it.

Your post will most likely get a short list of various responses.

Either imaginative statements sprinkled with positivity. Or slightly less enthusiastic responses with no appreciable level of emotional input.

Personally I think it’s a cool idea.

Realistically you would really have to get together with somebody that thinks way more at a higher ‘what can be done with magnetism’ level.

And if you stick around for a few years you’ll see one of two things.

Either a post from somebody saying check this out I did it.

Or somebody asking the same question you did and you’ll read it and say hey I just said that a couple years ago ha ha.

And we all move on down the road yoyoing all the way and thinking of magnets…:thinking:


I would pay $50-$60 for a magnetic bearing. I have personally thought about this a lot, and I completely agree with you. The advantages would be immense! For one, you would never have to lubricate it. Two, it would spin up to 4-5 times longer. And three, you wouldn’t need as much weight on the yoyo as you usually do, because of the potential spin time, and therefore you could make yo-yos that weigh 3/4 of the yo-yos today. The only thing that concerns me, is that it would have to be extremely tuned, and experimentally made. You would not be able to put to much magnet on the bearing wall or it would put to much strain on the outer shell, and crack over time. On the other hand, if you put to little magnet on the wall, it would not have enough force to resist the initial impact of the throw, and would bounce. Potentially wrecking your throw, trick, and string. Another thing that comes into play is how on earth you plan on keeping the outer shell connected on the same plane as the inner. I don’t think that this is a very common thing for those reasons, but once the world has the means to create these magnet bearings, I will personally make sure they get on yo-yos.


This was taken from the Copy of Bens Peak History Thread

The Peak bearing spec was an ABEC 9 designed for Dentistry tools. To most YoYoers its was just a Flat C Bearing. I’m sure there are some exotic bearings out there for advanced applications that would work in yoyos.


You would pay a lot more than sixty bucks a unit, a whole lot more. But it is quaint though.

Here’s a magnetic non-return top.

Dynamic magnetic bearings require a power source - static ones that use only permanent magnets face some difficulties due to the effects described by’s_theorem, which means the magnets can’t actually keep each other in a stable arrangement.

You could use diamagnetic materials but the force involved is very very small compared to the mass and size of the magnets involved.

The yoyo would still be subject to air friction, anyhow.

You can read more about magnetic bearings here:


I will use it flying!

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