In the future


Electric commercial aircraft

Feel free to continue…

(Gethin) #2

Martian Colony composed of Elon Musk’s offspring


near-frictionless yo-yo bearings, 2 hour spin time


And we will still be preoccupied by which yo-yos spin the longest. I can picture it now:

“Well that one only spun for an average of 135 minutes during my trial… not nearly as good as my daily throw which spun for 145 minutes averaged between 10 throws…”


My thought is that the string rubbing against the response is what limits current spin times. If there were a way to eliminate or dramatically reduce that, it would result in a huge jump forward.


Stringless yoyos that you play with by creating and manipulating small magnetic fields.

(Victorian YoYos) #7

Bearings that spin my magnetic forces= no friction


Sounds like @zslane :joy:

(Robert Shaw) #9

Yo-Yo AI that does string tricks on its own.


Not true for a strong centering bearing though, the string basically never touches the edges, at least not on a throw to sleep!

(Choncworth) #11

Common sense will be common again.

(ClockMonsterLA) #12

Yeah, that’s fair. :blush:


Agreed. I’m referring to improving spin times during play. That would be a welcome advancement. I almost think a particular technique combined with a new design could accomplish this, much like the bind ushered in unresponsive play.

(Jacob Waugh) #14

Hyperloop, clean Romaine Lettuce.

(r/Throwers Mod.) #15

We will finally devised a method to effectively teach 2A.


Yes, we can hope for contaminant free lettuce in the future. After that all is well in the world. :slight_smile:


Well in that case maybe I’ll pray for non-GMO corn and soy beans in the future?

(Jacob Waugh) #18

Yay! non GMO all the way!

(Jim Honaker) #19

A grooved centering magnetic bearing. Inner race and outer race oppose each other and float. Zero friction.
Edit: Should have kept reading. @Marm already mentioned this.

(Victorian YoYos) #20

I read it, but I was saying It’d be magnetic