some people say the 888 isnt worth it but the 888 2012 is. why is the regular one not worth it as some people say? on yoyoexpert they look at it as an epic yoyo, but really, is it?

I have an 888X, it is indeed an epic yoyo. It has almost the stability of a larger-diameter yoyo like the Protostar, but is small and convenient for maneuverability. It’s extremely comfortable to hold in the hand. On a throw, you get these perfect, endless, smooth spins that last forever. People have mixed opinions about hubstacks in general, but I think it’s fun to have them on there, and it doesn’t detract from the yoyo’s play. Grinding is dreamy.

I have no experience with 888 vintages other than the X (2010), so I can’t compare it to any others. I’ve heard some people say they prefer other years, which is cool, but I honestly have a hard time imagining a better yoyo.

888 2012? I didn’t know they had 888 2012’s. By chance do you mean 888 2011’s?

The 09 888’s feel heavier and I like heavy throws. Every year since 07 yyf has made changes to the 888. Some are lighter, heavier, high walled, small bearing, etc. So, the 2012 ones might be something else, but its all in what your preference is. I like 09’s the best, but I haven’t tried 08’s or this years.

I had an 09’ 888 stealth and it was light! way lighter than my 888x