About how much money have YOU spent on yo yos?

In all at least 1000-1500 bucks.

in would say easy a $1000 but i dont mind there are alot of other hobbies around that cost more.



$193.94 including shipping O0
receipts ;D

$120 O0 not that much. yet.

between yo-yo’s, contests, and ‘stuff’… i truly would prefer not to know.

Maybe a $1000. It’s worth it!O0

mostly my dad payed for it near about $650

Wow, I never thought I’d spent that much, lol.

lol O0


lots of people either have $100 spent and $1000 spent

Definitely well over $1000, but I’d rather not find out the actual total.

I’m guessing round 600 or so… But that’s no where near what shooting has cost me. Heck, I’ve spent nearly double that on just one gun!
But heck, It was SOOOO worth it to have my very own Barrett ;D

Around 200 so far.

lucky even though im 13 and been shooting for 7 years i want a barret and a couple of questions about it:
how did u get a barret that cheap and what model is it

I got it at a gun show in Missouri. It wasn’t actually one of the Barrett models, It was a single shot 50 cal rifle (Pretty much a knock off of the model 99) my friends referred to it as “the huge sniper you get in COD” and people just associate that instantly with a Barrett so I just find it easier to call it a Barrett :slight_smile: It was the same basic premise, It just wasn’t nearly the quality of a Barrett and WAY cheaper… Still LOADS of fun to shoot though, And it was actually about 1500 dollars. Sadly I had to sell it to my uncle after I got laid off a few years back, before I started yoyoing and have no idea what he’s done with it. I’m planning on getting a model 82A1 or 95 when I get back on my feet… I just have to convince myself (And my family) that spending up to 10,000 dollars on a gun is a sound investment ;D

I was about a thousand before my last order which was for 158 bucks