Top 5 Tricks in 2012?


[size=10pt]Post your opinion for the Top 5 Tricks in 2012[/size]

Background: A long time ago, Barney Akers and Donald F. Duncan, Jr. came up with a list of the greatest yo-yo tricks. This was a list of 62 one-handed and 11 two-handed tricks with many of them appearing in the old school contests…

Rationale: I wonder what a new 2012 list of the greatest yo-yo tricks look like! I’m thinking tricks created during the last few years and aren’t on any trick ladders ; would work tricks that are so great they should be on tomorrow’s trick ladder. Tricks are being created at such a fast pace it may be worth taking a look at the ones that are really great.

Posts: Nominate your top 5. In the post, include why it should be on the list (such as an innovative move). The trick needs to be popular enough that players can find a tutorial online (include a link if possible). Also include the creator of the trick if known.

Format: Trick – Reason – video link – trick creator if known

Cut-off: December 21, 2012 (or the last day of the Mayan Calendar 122112)

Results: I’ll go through the results and post them based on the number of votes (provided no apocalyptic events) sometime during the first part of January.

Goal: It may lead to some new tricks for the trick ladders or at least a quick list of tricks you never knew existed. Give recognition to the truly unique tricks. I hope to feature video tutorials of the tricks online, sometime in the future.