Too many "Favorite YoYo" threads

I don’t know about you guys, but all of these “Favorite YoYo” Threads are really getting old. One of the great things about this forum is the great quality of language, grammar, and discussion. I’ve seen about 10 “Favorite YoYo” threads in the past week. I’m not saying its against the rules, but I am saying that it is decreasing the quality of the forum.

Some things I’d like to point out…

  1. Everyone’s favorite yoyo is shown on the side of their posts-there is a reason for that.

  2. The search feature on this site is really great. If you really want to talk about favorite yoyos, reply to an older thread.

  3. If you do insist on making a new thread, don’t bother making a poll. There are way too many yoyos for you to remember and/or fit all of them.

I’m not trying to be rude, but why are there 10 threads in the past week? We have better things to talk about. Who is with me?

I really agree. What I mean is, why did andre make the ‘favorite yoyo’ thing on the side of our posts? For that reason.

Great post.

I never really thought about it. You seem to be the first person to point that out.

yes but some people dont like it when old posts are brought up.
i do reliaze(spelling?) that they might not be that old but i dont know.

anyways, great post im sure alot of people are tired of it to

Ehh, it doesn’t bother me… Its not like the site has a maximum number of threads it can hold and will be maxed out because of repeat posts…

What Samad said. Later.

Keep it spinning™

Absolutely right. :wink:

Let’s get psycho(logic). I think that people make “favorite yoyo” posts for reasons (agendas). People might be looking for a new yoyo and actually makes these posts to avoid the known answer “preference” and see the yoyo that most people like. This is probably the reason for the made polls. Put the yoyos you want in a poll and see which one most people like. I have no problem with this, but I get a feeling that people don’t want to know what yoyo fits them, they want to know the yoyo most people like and just follow the pack of sheep.

Addment: If I missed big-time, I request that the makers of these kinds of posts won’t feel offended by anything. There might be other reasons, but this seemed logic

Nice words!

yes, very nice words, and post i really enjoy reading your posts pheenix (among others).

Nothing but truth here.

It’s all about what the sheep really want to throw this week. This is why the “preference” answer sets them off. They don’t want to learn their own preference, they want to see what the “you’re not cool if you don’t have this” preference is. It’s kinda sad, really.

Remember when this last batch of Peaks came out? How long did they stay in stock? I think one run managed to last a whole ten minutes before going out. Now, take a look at how many BvMs are still waiting to sell over at the Nation. This is a rather extreme example, but it proves that not only do the sheep not care about what their own preferences are, they don’t care about anyone’s company, either.

They’re not CLYW fans. The fact that the latest BvM batch isn’t moving basically proves this. They’re not even Peak fans, really. They just want what the hype is this month, and nothing else. Any new stock sits and rots. Any old stock sits and rots. And I ask myself why people like Ben McPhee are the way they are. I’m almost starting to understand some of his points.

If I had a whole bunch of great product collecting dust, and I had to re-release some of it with “Peak Splash” just to sell something, I’d be bitter at the community as well.

I get that people want to know what is popular, but there are better ways to find it then creating ten threads in one week. We have it next to our posts, in our profiles, and there have been many old topics. I don’t really mind a thread here or there, but this week has been ridiculous.

I personally would rather have necros because whenever there’s a new thread, people feel the need to post in all of them and it clogs the whole forum up with repeats.

Not trying to be mean or critical, its just my opinion.

To read Samad’s awesome post on why not to choose a best yo-yo, click the link below.