A theory

After being on these forums, I’ve been thinking: will we ever run out of new threads? I mean, just look at some recent posts: a string thread gets locked, because another had already been created! Will it get to the point where all we have to talk about is new yoyos? And let’s be honest, those threads aren’t exactly great unless its a yoyo you have or want. So, tell me what you think! I’d like to start some intersting discussion.

That generally only happens on forums when there’s already a very large and popular thread dedicated to the topic. It makes sense to keep that particular thread alive because it’s a great reference for people just coming off of a google search or even a forum search.

The other one I saw recently locked here is a Yelets thread, and that was for another type of favorable thread, one that has already been made by someone involved with the company. Obviously, there is reason to favor their thread on this topic, if for no other reason than they’re a sponsor.

But generally, we have repeat threads all the time as every forum does. I doubt we’d ever reach the point you’re talking about…nor would Andre probably prefer that everyone stops participating on his forum. It generates a lot of sales and keeps the site relevant for Google bots.

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In addition to the points already made, there is a thriving “unrelated” section, which allows people with similar interests, besides yo-yos, to have discussions. That diversifies the topics, and provides endless options for thread material. You can take in the world around you, post something there, and as long as the topic is appropriate within the rules, it might be a breath if fresh air for others. I’ve seen music, politics, the weather, other skill toys, electronic devices, television shows, you name it…covered there. There are also more “artistic” threads, that are comprised of mostly photos or video. Those are good for people looking to kill time from a more visual perspective, not as much in depth discussion. Even when people get tired of “discussion,” they can post photos or video for feedback. Further, with an active blog on this site, and all the yo-yo news posted on Facebook, Youtube, with information about new throws, new yo-yo events, new videos, new players, new companies, there will always be yo-yo related topics to discuss here. Things are constantly changing and the forum changes with it. As members come and go, there is always new material, just about that fact alone.

Thanks for the feedback! It has inspired much thinking on my part.

The title made me think of a YYJ Theory…

As long as we don’t run out of things to pointlessly list/sound off on and never go back, I don’t think we’ll ever run out of threads :slight_smile:

The reason I clicked it ::slight_smile:

For the few years I’ve been here it seems like the same threads just get created over and over again. “Things that non yoyoers ask you that’s annoying, what’s your favorite undersized, what’s this yoyos spin time, reasons why we hate yyf”, and many more similar topics just get rehashed over and over. I mean this forum is great for someone that’s just starting out or something, but after being here for over two years it just wears on you. That’s not a negative commentary on yye however, but more of one on yoyoing itself, it doesn’t have a whole lot of aspects to it, at least not enough to sustain such a large board with new threads for multiple years. I just really come here so I can be aware of any important news like sniffys death or similar events. Anyway to answer your question, we ran out of “new” threads awhile ago.

So basically, as new yoyos come out and new styles of play and yoyoing develop, we will always have something to talk about. Intersting.

You just stole the words out of my mouth (or computer… whatever).