favorite yo-yo

What is your favorite yo-yo

I don’t see the point in making one of these,you can see in our profile,or every single one of our posts, plus, a lot of people have different favorites than your poll.

Put Wooly Marmot up there.

This is exacly what I meant,a lot of people are going to want you to put up more and more yoyos,and we have the profile info you can easily look at.

Yep. These threads ars pretty useless.

OK. We are just speaking the truth…

Bully, Wedgie


Not to be mean, but you aren’t helping yourself or any other forum members by talking like that. One of the great things about this forum is that we all respect each other and are friendly toward one another. People will not respect you if you continue with your bad attitude. After you have a few more nice and helpful posts, people will start to respect you and you will become a “part of the family”. Until then, I’d be extra nice to everybody here.

Some things I’d like to point out…

  1. Use the site’s search feature, its there for a reason. There are already several topic like this and they have all been unsuccessful.

  2. If you’ve been on the forum, you’ll realize that peoples’ favorite yoyos are on all of their posts.

  3. Don’t talk to people like that. GMUser and Ewski are pretty respected members; they know what they are talking about and people won’t respect you if you disrespect them like that.

Just a few suggestions to make the forums here better for you and everyone else. I’m all for giving second chances, so I’ll see you around the forum.

I could not agree with you more DYonch.

Yes,I also couldn’t agree more.

me twos.

I’m trying to do this with a twist right now.