Too lazy to get Dressed, lets Throw Plastics

When ever I hear “plastic” I can only think of this movie.

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lol good movie.

Very nice man! Want to trade that Onestar??

I don’t know. it really depends on what you are willing to offer.

You would make a good wife.

Lol is it because of my lens cleaning skills?

Nope ,it’s probably the pajamas and Fall Out Boy… oh ,and squid girl.

Of course those are all prime reasons!

Yes ,dear. /) :stuck_out_tongue:

Mason-kun~ is already Mai Waifu.


NIce video and Just want to comment since I have an anime pic, or gif. :smiley:

You’re… already married?

HOW COULD YOU!!!1!! internet yelling

I didn’t know!

That is a very Unflattering picture of me.


Trace is now the anime thread jacker.

I was married to Mason before all of you! Back off, y’all!
And great video, btw…