It's hard to read this ignorance...


Normally, looking at ridiculous comments on yoyo videos on YouTube, I just ignore them. After some of the amazing things I saw from the Worlds contest, and seeing as how it was featured on Yahoo’s page, I thought people would have some cool things to say. I was way wrong… The reason I started this topic was because, most of the stupid comments were from male members but, one I noticed from a female member really hurt me for some reason:

*if you can’t read it, she says, " so glad this is NOT my son". WOW!

I just can’t believe a woman would actually say something like that. Especially, if she has kids of her own. How does someone like this raise their children?

Maybe I’m just in a bad mood. Am I overreacting?

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People mock what they do not understand.



They are just jealous.


Just ignore comments like this. No matter what kind of world we live in, there will always be ignorant people like this.


I’m glad she’s not my mother.



Some people just don’t understand to keep their own thoughts to themselves sometimes, especially when it is degrading or hurtful. Instead of expressing your thoughts, you let go and show your ignorance, enticing others to fight back, or even worse, get hurt by it.
I don’t know what exactly she’s referring to, but I don’t know about you, but taking yoyos to a whole new level - exactly like YYE’s motto - we make the simple amazing. Considering it’s a comment on a video of world’s, they take it a step farther. There’s not much reason to give such a comment, when it’s a hobby, if not a passion, for many.


I think that they may be mad they don’t have the title of “World Champion”, sponsors, etc., for what they consider “swinging a piece of metal on a string”.

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I find it funny how many comments about “none of these guys getting girls” there are.
As if that’s the most important thing in life.
But oh well.

Noel Kunz.



I’ve got something to say to her.


Yea, and that is exactly what I was expecting to read. I’m not really sure how that would hurt your chances with girls though.


Not nice…but she was being honest I guess. There are probably a lot of mothers who felt that way about some other kid they saw doing anything from bad behavior to a bad performance. Most would not express it outwardly though. Some have more tact than others :-\ I am not a parent, but I have looked at many kids out in public, and thought that in my head…usually due to bad behavior. Actually, a few of my friends’ kids too, and I know them without making a snap judgment :smiley: It’s true! Some don’t want any kids at all, so it applies to all kids…they’re glad they’re not parenting any of them at all. :smiley: It has nothing to do with behavior or performance…it just is. So, I’m not offended by the feelings, it was where she posted them that was the problem.

It really surprises me, when I see videos of kids on Youtube, and the uploader did not indicate in the Youtube settings, that comments must be “approved,” before they appear on the site. It would keep some young kid’s feelings from getting hurt. But, in general, I’m surprised I do not see that function used a lot more…not just on kids’ videos.

I’m all for constructive criticism, but a simple “that sucks,” is not necessary. Yet, we see it a lot. I usually disable comments on Youtube, or require seeing them first, before they appear. Only exception would be, if I post for someone else who does not mind.


I’ve taken Michael Montgomery’s advice and not engage in any of those comment battles. I’ll let them be and they’ll disappear. Plus, it’s Yahoo! They complain about everything.

Plus, we could be practicing for Prague 2014 instead of retaliating on those comments :]

But yeah, Noel Kunz.


I probably shouldn’t have replied to that post, but worth it lol


Lol I saw a girl’s comment on the YouTube video on a Japan Nats vid and she was like “he’s cute and good with his hands, so…” and I’ll stop there kid-friendly reasons.


I remember when Ann and Zachs videos when viral and there were so many insults it wasn’t even funny. It makes me sick.


Eh, I don’t care. People who say stuff like that have undeveloped brains, causing them to not comprehend what is going on during the routine. They say they can’t understand it because its stupid, and proceed to announce that to make sure they are the coolest person ever. When you take this approach, you feel sad for these uneducated people. I pray that someday they won’t be such oblivious buttheads.



Jeez guys. It’s okay, don’t feel insecure or anything. Here is the most important fact. This is the Internet.

None of those people have the balls to say it in real life.


I went to look at the article and read the comments. I would have to say that I don’t agree with some of them. I would say worse but this is a yoyo community. Not the Youtube comments section. -<

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Never read the comments.

Never never never never read the comments.