Tongue grind!!!

ok, so after months and months of practice, iv’e finally mastered it!! A TONGUE GRIND!! So I was wondering, anyone come up with this already or am I the first one to pull off a 6 sec irg grind using just my tongue? ;D

Here’s the vid!

Video or it didn’t happen ;D… I have to see this!

I imagine that’s not to good for the yoyo…

I have done that, just not as long…also I have caught the yoyo on my knecklace and whipped it around my kneck.

ok Iv’e never made a video before, ill try my best!

Sweet! Can’t wait to see it!

ok, its still processing, but here’s the video!

What does it taste like? :o

I clean my throws with bacon, helps this me do the trick so much easier! :wink:

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How’s about a nose grind.

It’ll be a while, I’m currently practicing grinding it on my toe!

just don’t try with a noctu or luchador haha

I’d imagine the omnicron x’s irg would hurt, it’s so sharp!

How does your yoyo test like ???

Hmmm. … I think the trade value of that yo just went down…way down. (lol) :stuck_out_tongue:

Do that with a delicious

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I thought that you were going to pop it in the air and catch it on your tounge…oh well, still worked

This is the next thing i’m learning how to do, so far I’ve done it once, I guess practice makes perfect :stuck_out_tongue:

I would imagine doing that with a metal isn’t too healthy. There are tons of chemicals in metal. But that seems pretty cool. I now have something to rival my brother learning the tongue suicide lol.

Actually no, there aren’t many chemicals in metal. At all really. Tons of metals are just the pure element.

As for the anno on yoyos, it’s pretty well locked on. You’re not gonna rub that stuff off with your tongue and even if you did I doubt any harm would come to you at all.

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