Please explain to me why this doesn't work


Alright guys. As a yo-yoer it is my duty to come up with new tricks and such. One particular trick will not work no matter what I do.

The Tongue Grind. It’s basically a thumb grind but with your tongue instead of your thumb.

You’d expect your slippery and slimy tongue to be able to glide under the lip of the yo-yo yes? At least that’s what I thought.

The yo-yo just ends up dying and I end up with spit all over my face. Q-Q


As I see it, the saliva on your tongue slows down the spin of the yoyo in much the same way that too much lube will slow down the movement of the balls inside a bearing.



Surface of the tongue has too much grip.




How about this…

If, before throwing the yo-yo, I lick the entire lip of the yo-yo, it should work then right? I’m too lazy to try this atm.

I’ll do it later with my Chief or something.

Also, don’t judge. I know it’s gross :smiley:


Make sure you get this on video! Oh, and try not to hit yourself in the face. Assuming it works, more spin = more chance of a snag. Good luck!



I think it sound cool! Make a video once you got it down please. Good luck!


i just tried and it works with my yelets


Dude you have to make a video of this. ;D


Lol thats hilarious. I actually did an IRG with nose for like 2 seconds then popped off and binded. I’ve been trying to do it again, but it always results in personal injury.


A video that got me into yoyoing from 2006!



I can never do a foot grind…


Ah, it’s already been done. I’ll see what I can do.