longer thumb grinds!!

i have found the best way to do thumb grinds with metal rimmed or metals yoyo’s all you need is some thin lube. Throw a hard sleeper then take the loob and squirt some inside the metal rims and use a tissue or something to clean a little bit of it up, then wela! try thumb grindin it works! try it.

You can just do a harder throw :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol make sure that you are ready to get your yoyo and hands oily :stuck_out_tongue:

I think Vaseline should work well too.

Imho, you shouldn’t spin it while applying the lube, the stuff will be squirting out randomly into your eyes and stuff.

You would not want your yoyos feeling oily and sticky.

  • so why don’ you try it before you say stuff about bit

Because we all know lube is oily and most people dont want yoyos to be oily. DONT YOYO AFTER EATING CHICKEN WINGS!!!

Yeah I don’t want my yoyo and all my fingers to be lubed up.

Chicken wings. Maybe that’s why I didn’t like yoyoing last night… :stuck_out_tongue:

I Tried it and I can get that long with a normal grind and I had to wash my Dark Magic…

Ok I’m sorry It worked for me don’t try it then I didn’t know you would all get mad, sorry